A Bittersweet Debut: Archie Bradley pitches first game with Reds

A Bittersweet Debut: Archie Bradley pitches first game with Reds


Former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley played his first game with the Cincinnati Reds on September 1, just a day after he was traded.

Unfortunately for Bradley, however, it was likely not the debut he was looking for. Although he threw almost two scoreless innings, the Reds were hammered 16-2 by the St. Louis Cardinals.

“They traded for me to pitch in games, and that’s what I’m here to do,” Bradley says during a postgame interview. “I don’t care if it is the ninth inning or the second inning, I want to pitch in games that matter, in games that help our team win, and that’s what I’m here to do.”

Though Bradley says he is excited to play for his new team, he admits he was shocked to hear the news on trade deadline day, August 31. Bradley, who was drafted seventh overall by the D-backs in 2011, was traded for Josh VanMeter and Stuart Fairchild, a former Reds prospect.

“Not that I wasn’t excited, I was shocked first,” Bradley says. “I spent 10 years in Arizona, but today, when I stepped on the plane, and especially when I stepped in the locker room today, it was like, ‘Alright, I’m a Cincinnati Red now, and let’s go do this thing.’”

After he was traded, Bradley made a quick turnaround to debut with the Reds, flying to Cincinnati the next day to meet the team and play.

“I didn’t mind throwing tonight,” Bradley says. “It was great to get in, get acclimated, and we go from here.”

Bradley had the best outing of any Reds pitcher in the September 1 game, as he was the only one out of eight to not give up a run. Six of the seven other pitchers gave up at least two runs.

“Any time you throw up a zero, that is the ultimate goal,” Bradley says. “You’re trying to keep guys from scoring.”

Together, Bradley and the D-backs were last in the very competitive National League West division. Now with the Reds, Bradley finds himself with a team that is ranked second to last in the competitive NL Central division.

Bradley will look to make his first postseason appearance since 2017, which would also mark the Reds’ first postseason trip since 2013.


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